Albox Computer Club
Meetings & Facilities
All systems are brought to the club entirely at your own risk, in all regards.
Please see notice on home page.
NOTE - This is not a venue for casual visitors to bring their systems for repair free of charge. Nor is it intended that the more experienced members will spend their time doing so. That having been said, members may bring their system to demonstrate problems they have, and to ask for help with using software and the like - and may be able to get some practical help, if another member is willing and has sufficient time. We may take on some work with members systems as a practical demonstration for some things. We have expanded the availability of "hands-on" help, and now as well as any spare time after regular talks, one week in three is an "all morning" practical help session. Members ALWAYS have priority over visitors for "hands -on" help. NOTE - All members whilst at the club will give their advice and time freely - this does not extend to assisstance outside the club, which is a matter to be discussed and agreed without involvement of the club. There may be members with a commercial interest in computing, and outside the club they will be entitled to expect to be paid for work. NOTE - All advice in the club will be given in good faith, but without any guarantees of any kind. The club has general insurance for club owned stuff, and for general liabilities, but this does not and cannot extend to equipment brought along by Members or visitors.