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Still some finishing off, not ultra urgent, at the schools in Alfoquía and Zurgena.

Still two laptops to be delivered to Albox music school – very late, but now imminent, now that we are sorting out the laptops in general.

5 laptops promised to the “Centro para Discapacitados – Ver de Olula”, for June.
In the very near future we are taking one to them to check they are happy with GuuadalinexEdu.

3 Tower systems, plus an all-in-one printer, plus a desk, today (11 May) agreed for a much smaller Centro para discapacitados in Huercal Overa. As part of this we made a good contact with another group there, who help out in many “good cause” places in their area, who will in the future help us out too.

We have visited another large Centro para discapacitados in Lorca, to find out if they need any similar help. We had a very useful meeting, and will be responding to their needs within a few days. They do need 2-3 systems, but due to the hands-on help they need to sort out their systems, this will be a more difficult one for us due to the distance involved.

We have picked 7 old systems from the PSOE councillors in Zurgena. They have asked us for two newer systems in return for a cash donation. We are hoping to get some desks from them to use in Huercal Overa as part of the “deal”.

We have tentatively set up a meeting sometime in June, with Cosentino – where they will look at approaching their many workers (1200+) about making “personal” donations to us. This arranged with their Marketing Director, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed !
Work in progress and planned – As At 22nd May 2017
PIRdA still needs, urgently, more help – not restricted to computer geeks – all kinds of help needed – refurbishing/rebuilding systems – keeping our stock and workshop under control and clean – publicity – etc., etc.
Only one morning per week, when you can make it – more where it’s possible.

Please ask Christine.
Due to current premises problems, we are unable to accept equipment donations at the present time